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Students Go for Less with McGill’s GoZones


McGill’s offers discounted travel for students with our day, week, 4-week and 10-week GoZone tickets. Take a look at the table above and see just how much you can save. And the great news is the ticket allows for unlimited travel, on any McGill’s bus, within your chosen GoZone, so just the ticket for getting to college or uni, meeting up with your chums in the evening, or heading to the shops or that essential part-time job at the weekend!

Buy your ticket!

Buying a Student ticket is easy


Decide on the GoZone that you want and the duration of your ticket. (We offer day, week, 4-week and 10-week student tickets). You can buy your day or weekly ticket direct from the driver, just show him your matriculation card. If you want to go for the 4-week or 10-week ticket (these offer the chunkiest discounts btw), you need to buy these online (www.mcgillsbuses.co.uk), over the phone (the call is free on 08000 51 56 51) or from SPT.

One thing to remember- any time you travel with us, you’ll need to make sure that you have your matriculation card with you. If you can’t show it to the driver or one of our inspectors, you’ll be asked to pay for a standard adult single for your journey.

Where our buses go

To make life as easy as possible for you, we’ve added a table below showing all routes that pass or are within a short walking distance of colleges and unis within our network.

Place of Study - Services
Caledonian University 3 7 23 26 38 59 901 906 907 908 X7 X23
Cardonald College 7 38 59
College of West Scotland
Greenock (James Watt)
507 517 531 532 533 540 543 545 550 578 580 901 906 907 908 X7 X22
College of West Scotland
Paisley (Reid Kerr)
7 20 21 22 26 38 54 60 61 64 66 70 101 757 904
Stow College 3 7 23 26 38 59 901 906 907 908 X7 X23
Strathclyde University 3 7 23 26 38 59 901 906 907 908 X7 X23
UWS - Paisley 7 20 21 22 26 38 54 60 61 64 66 70 101 757 904

If we’ve missed out any from our table, please drop us a line.


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