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Student all-day tickets are back!

Students save 15% with our weekly, 4-week, 10-week and re-introduced all-day tickets!

McGill's offers discounted travel for students with our weekly, 4-week and 10-week GoZone tickets, and now students can enjoy all-day tickets! These tickets all allow for unlimited travel on any McGill's bus within your chosen GoZone, and are 15% cheaper than adult fares!

The *important* changes you need to know:
  • Student all-day tickets are available on McGill's m-ticket app (only) - not available on bus or Smart card. Weekly, 4-week and 10-week GoSmart tickets will remain unchanged.
  • To gain access to all-day student tickets only via our app, you must register with McGill's, without verification, you will be unable to access these student tickets
  • Student weekly, 4-week and 10-week tickets will not need verification and remain as normal - showing your valid matriculation card as you board
  • Student all-day tickets can only be accessed by attendees between the age of 16-22.
Get the best from your McGill's service, why you should register:
  • This will allow access to every discounted student all-day ticket, at 15% off an adult fare, for one year
  • Quicker boarding - please carry your matriculation card with you in case you are asked to show your student card at any time
  • Buy student all-day tickets unlimited
  • It's all via the app! Making your McGill's travel easier and even more convenient
If you're a student, register to access our discounted all-day tickets - and get the most of your McGill's travel!

How to register?
  • Download McGill's free m-ticket app
  • Create an account using your student email address 
  • Email a picture of your student matriculation card to students@mcgillsbuses.co.uk (this email must match the account from which you send your student card) Once we have verified you, we will discard your student card photo and details.*
  • On the app, select the student ticket you wish to buy & you will be prompted to take a photo, please take a picture of your face so we can match this to your student card
Once we receive your  email, and match you to your student card, we will verify your account, and you can buy unlimited student all-day tickets for one year.

Who can access all student tickets?
  • Students, between the age of 16 and 22, with a valid matriculation card only can access all-day ticket.
  • All students can access our weekly, 4-week and 10-week tickets, and show their student card when travelling with us
What if I don't register?
  • All student all-day m-tickets will be visible on the app, however, if you purchase one, you will be unable to activate without being validated by a McGill's team member, and will have to register using the above steps before your ticket can be activated. We would recommend emailing us your student card the day before you wish to activate your ticket. 

Download our app, free!


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