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Travelling with a child ticket

Recently, we have detected a widespread abuse of child tickets, by adults.

To protect kids (under 16-year-olds) who are being caught up in a problem that is not of their making, we would ask secondary aged pupils, when outwith school uniform, to carry their Young Scot card as proof of age, so they can make their journey with their discount ticket. This is needed because some secondary school age pupils may appear older than 16, when travelling outwith school uniform. 

We would like those entitled to this discount to benefit from it, and we must be afforded a reasonable chance to police this benefit against abuse. We view kids as our adult customers of the future, and we hope you understand the need, on a small minority of occasions, that there is a minor inconvenience in order to protect the benefits others are abusing. 

In doing so, from Thursday 1 November, we will be requesting that customers outwith school uniform, who a driver suspects is over the age of 15, provide proof of their age. 

Who can use a child ticket?
  • Customers up to the age of 15, across every service
  • Anyone travelling in a school uniform
How do I obtain a Young Scot Card if I don't have one?

Young Scot cards are issued free to all kids from age 11, by their schools so there is no cost disadvantage to carrying one.

For a first time application, you can check your local validation points online here https://young.scot/the-young-scot-card/


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