Festive Timetable - Sunday Services

On the 7 the last bus will be 2029 from Linwood and 2107 from Paisley.

On the 21 the last bus will be at 2100 from Paisley and 2130 from Braehead.

The last trip on the 23 will be 2040 leaving North Barr, Erskine and 2055 from Glasgow, from Glasgow the last bus will be 2125 to Inchinnan.

On the 26 the last bus from Nethercraigs to Braehead will be 2024 and to Renfrew Cross 2054, from Braehead to Nethercraigs 2041 and Braehead to Renfrew Cross 2111.

On the 38 the last bus from Spateston to Glasgow will be 1905, 1946 from Kilbarchan to Glasgow, 2028 from Johnstone to Paisley, and 2055 from Glasgow to Johnstone 

The last trip on the 51A will leave Paisley at 2035.

On the 59 the last bus from Mosspark will leave at 2015 and from Glasgow 2039.

On the 61 the last bus from Paisley will be 2100 and 2113 from Foxbar.

The last trip on the 81/81A/81B will be 2042 from Duntocher and 2120 from Linnvale.

On the 121 the last bus from Govan will be 2030 and 2115 from New Victoria Hospital.

The 153 will leave Glasgow at 2008 and 2045 from Silverburn.

On the 164 the last bus from Glasgow will be 2056 and 2056 from Halfway.

On the 165 the last bus from Cairns will be 2001 and 2030 from Rutherglen.

The last trip on the 166 will be 2025 from Neilston and 2105 from Gallowhill.

On the 330 the last bus from Greenock will be 2000 and 2018 from Pennyfern.

On the 331 the last bus from Greenock will be 2030 and 2045 from Branchton.

On the 337 the last bus from Beith will be 1858 and 1959 from Kilmarnock.

The 517 will leave Burns Square at 2130 and Kilblain St at 2145.

The 532 will leave Devol at 2133.

On the 533 the last bus will be 2100 from Kilblain St.

The last trip on the 545 will be 2054 from Kilblain St and 2125 from McInroy Point terminating at IRH.

The 576 will leave Greenock at 2015 and 2045 from Largs.

The 757 will leave Paisley at 2100 and 2100 from Clydebank.

On the 801 the last bus will be 1955 from Greenock.

On the 803 the last bus will be 2041 from Greenock.

The last trip on the X6A/X6B will be 2000 from Johnstone Station and 2030 from Linwood.