Go! Smart

Our GoSmart card is available across all of our services! Meaning you can now just 'Tap & Go' with McGill's. 

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Our GoSmart card means you can buy your zone tickets online, and store on your GoSmart card. It activates as soon as you tap on your first journey too. Just create an account using the GoSmart button below, and your card will be sent in post free, ready for you to add your ticket. Of if you already have your card, just login and add your ticket - it's that simple.

Why should you GoSmart?
  • Quicker boarding times!

Less time spent at bus stops, no need to wait for a ticket or change.

  • Simply tap your card!

Place your card on the ticket machine to travel. No paper ticket required, it's tap & go!

  • Add your ticket when it suits you!

Once you have your card, add your zone ticket online here, using your credit/debit card or PayPal when it's convenient for you.

  • Peace of mind if your card is lost or stolen!

We can block your lost of stolen card and transfer your unused tickets to a new card.


link to purchase a go!smart product