Student GoZone Tickets

Students go for less with McGill's GoZones - with our weekly, 4-week and 10-week tickets!

McGill’s offers discounted travel for students with our week, 4-week and 10-week GoZone tickets. And the great news is the ticket allows for unlimited travel, on any McGill’s bus, within your chosen GoZone.

One thing to remember- anytime you travel with us, you’ll need to make sure that you have your student  card with you, which must have a picture. If you can’t show it to the driver or one of our inspectors, you’ll be asked to pay for a standard adult single for your journey. Please note, student cards without a picture will not be accepted. 

Students can also enjoy our all-day tickets again, - via our m-ticket app only!

The *important* changes you need to know:

  • Student all-day tickets have re-launched to McGill's m-ticket app (only) - not available on bus or Smart card. Weekly, 4-week and 10-week GoSmart tickets will remain unchanged.
  • To gain access to all-day student tickets via our app, you must register with McGill's - without verification, you will be unable to access these student all-day tickets
  • Student weekly, 4-week and 10-week tickets will not need verification and remain as normal
  • Student all-day tickets can only be accessed by students between the age of 16-22.

Get the best from your McGill's service, why you should register:

  • This will allow access to every discounted student all-ticket, at 15% off an adult fare, for one year
  • Quicker boarding - please carry your matriculation card with you in case you are asked to show your student card at any time
  • Buy student all-tickets, unlimited
  • It's all via the app! Making your McGill's travel easier and even more convenient

If you're a student, register to access our discounted all-day tickets - and get the most of your McGill's travel!

How to register?

  • Download McGill's free m-ticket app
  • Create an account using your student email address
  • Email a picture of your student matriculation card to [email protected] (this email must match the account from which you send your student card) Once we have verified you, we will discard your student card photo and details.*
  • On the app, select the student ticket you wish to buy & you will be prompted to take a photo, please take a picture of your face so we can match this to your student card

Once we receive your email, and match you to your student card, we will verify your account, and you can buy unlimited student all-day tickets for one year.

Who can access all student all-day tickets?

  • Students, between the age of 16 and 22, with a valid matriculation card.
  • All students can access our weekly, 4-week and 10-week tickets, and show their student card when travelling with us

If you're wondering what is the best service to get to campus - we have listed them below!

With 15% savings on adults tickets, this is just the ticket for getting to college or university, meeting up with your friends, heading to the shops or that essential part-time job at the weekend!

Your student all-day tickets will only be available on our m-ticket app. Your weekly, 4-week and 10-week student tickets are only available on McGill's m-ticket app or GoSmart card. Why not sign up today? Purchasing your GoZone ticket before you travel means your journey is quicker and easier!

When you travel with us, you must have your student matriculation card with you at all times.