McGill's drivers have training in bid to better understand the experiences of blind & partially sighted passengers

3 weeks ago Wed 31st Jan 2024

McGill's and RNIB Scotland

McGill’s has put its drivers through hands-on training in a bid to better understand the experiences of blind and partially sighted passengers.

The company held a ‘Swap with Me’ event alongside sight loss charity the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Scotland.

Supporters of the charity explained to drivers they challenges they face when using public transport.

Drivers had the chance to try on glasses which simulate different eye conditions as part of the training exercise.

They also discussed their role in making journeys as accessible as possible for those with sight loss.

McGill’s recruitment director Neil Dryden said: “The Swap with Me event has been a great opportunity for our team to learn more about the diverse needs of our customers with visual impairments.

“We’re excited to continue working with RNIB Scotland to host regular training events across the McGill’s Bus Group, building on our training, making our buses more accessible and improving our customer experience for all.”

Georgia Strachan, one of the RNIB supporters who took part in the event, added: “I really liked how conversational and informal it was, because it allowed the drivers to talk honestly about their own perspectives, as well as us talking about things we find difficult when taking the bus."