Nathan's Promoting Safety at McGill's

1 month ago Mon 15th Apr 2024

Nathan Burge


Nathan Burge, who has worked at McGill’s since 2021, has been promoted to the new position to lead health and safety initiatives, promote and increase awareness and roll out best practice. 


Nathan joined McGill’s three years ago as an Assistant Engineering Manager and in 2022 moved into a new role as Engineering Standards Auditor. His latest promotion is due to his hard work and commitment after spending 10 years in the industry. Nathan started as an apprentice engineer and has climbed through the ranks, accruing various qualifications and certifications as he progressed.


He has now moved into the role of Group Health & Safety Manager, where he constantly strives to create the safest work environments with the least room for risk.


Nathan said: “The company is very forward thinking - I get the freedom to look at our systems and policies within my remit and alter where I think it’s needed. I’m currently looking at streamlining our accident investigation process, with the intention being that most of the process will be done digitally rather than being paper-based.”


McGill’s is continually expanding, requiring evolving safety standards which encompass the entire Group, and Nathan is excited for the road that lies ahead.


He added: “I’m really enjoying being part of the business, we are the largest independent operator in the UK and we are doing some fantastically innovative things, including within the Health & Safety department.”


Russell Henderson, Engineering Director at McGill’s Group, said:

“Our congratulations go to Nathan on his promotion to his new role. He has been a real asset to the team since he joined us three years ago and it’s great to see his hard work and commitment being recognised.


“Nathan’s knowledge and skills will help us to ensure the safety and well-being of our colleagues and customers, and we have full confidence in his ability to excel in his new position. No matter your existing skillset, we are keen for people to talk to us and see if a role at McGill’s would suit your future ambitions.”